Operations & Maintenance

We help you turn streamline operations resulting in measurable cost and time savings.
Facility operations is the area where we most commonly encounter pre-internet paper-based systems, like work orders made of triplicate carbon paper and maintenance records filed on shelves of thick three-ring binders.

That’s actually a really exciting place to start, because it means there is an opportunity to help you generate a remarkable return on investment and cost savings, as well as help you clear repetitive, tedious work from your teams’ desks and free up their time for other backlogged projects or new initiatives.

No matter what shape your current records are in today, ROI Consulting Group can help you whip it into shape in a surprisingly short time and set you up with an accurate streamlined system that will help you deliver better service and stay on top of all jobs and projects.



Planned Maintenance


Demand Maintenance


Self-Service Work Requests

We help you streamline operations, resulting in measurable cost and time savings