Move Management

We help make your moves/adds/changes efficient and cost-effective.
Move planning intersects all of your corporate real estate information, from occupancy management and asset tracking to Human Resources data and CAD drawings.

That level of complexity brings incredible opportunity for increased efficiencies with an integrated workplace management system for moves/adds/changes and mergers and acquisitions.

We’ll give you tools to plan and orchestrate your moves and make it easier to communicate details to everyone who will be involved in the move. The day after everyone lands in their new spaces, you’ll hit the ground running because all of your drawings and all of your integrated data will be current and accurate for the new space.

ROI Consulting Group can be an integral part of your move team, or we can set you up to manage things entirely by yourself in-house – it’s your choice.

Space Tagging Helps You Plan Your Moves.

We attach data “attributes” to spaces and assets, like which business unit it falls into, what type of space it is and its function, and the status of each space—or any other attributes specific to your company.

You can view your from-to plan and your spaces using the attributes as filters to better assess and share detailed information about a move.

“We help make your moves | add | changes (MAC) eficient and cost effective ”