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We implement solutions to help our clients optimize all aspects of their

corporate real estate & facility management



“It’s common for our clients to go from data that’s 75% accurate to 98% accurate; to cut the time spent on routine tasks from weeks or months to a day or hours; and to save $150K to $2M annually.”
Russell Olson, President, ROI Consulting Group

Case study : 

End users at this large communications company needed to physically go to the facilities department to submit work orders – the process took several days from initiation to actual completion.  Operations related reporting took 3 people an entire week.  ROI implemented an intranet portal for facilities service requests and reduced reporting time to less than 5 minutes.

Case study : 

While integrating a newly re-acquired division back into their business, a large beverage company was looking to eliminate redundancies across locations by moving staff into existing space. Though it seemed there was no space, after performing space occupancy analytics, ROI recaptured 421 workspaces for an annual savings of $1.17 million.

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