Harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, XY Sense delivers the most advanced, privacy-preserving occupancy sensors and analytics platform for workplace teams.

XY Sense

Like Google Analytics for your workplace, users of our platform can access 100% anonymous live data on desk and office space utilization, meeting room occupancy, neighborhood balancing and so much more.

Say goodbye to basic people counts and hello to actionable workplace analytics!

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The Area Sensor

Not all workplace sensors are created equal.

Leap ahead with enterprise-grade privacy and InfoSec controls, unparalleled accuracy, lower cost of ownership and rich, live data feeds. With a coverage range of up to 1000 sq ft or up to 20 desks per office sensor, managing your workplace with XY Sense means fewer sensors, yet more detailed insights—a nod to our superior technology.

Touch Sensor

Confidently monitor people counts across a floor or location in real time, with minimal sensors deployed.

Like our area sensors, all data is 100% anonymous. Get deeper insights into occupancy trends, easily monitor and manage space capacity to ensure safe and well-maintained offices, and ensure ESG-compatibility with our SenseLink daisy chain installation.

Optimize your footprint

Remove guesswork and right-size your workplace portfolio. When strategy is based on precise data, costs can be reduced without impacting workplace experience.

Support Safe Offices

Guide the return to office armed with data. By monitoring room and floor occupancy, office capacity limits and targeted cleaning are covered.

Futureproof workplace strategy

Transition from fixed to flexible working with confidence. Allocate space for teams based on verifiable utilization data and take an agile approach to workplace decision making.

We Take Your Team’s Privacy Seriously

We know you want to use office occupancy and utilization data to create awesome workplace experiences, not to keep tabs on your people.

That’s why, XY Sense has been designed to only ever capture the XY coordinates of individuals relative to a sensor.

We never capture photo images of people or personal information. And unlike some tag-based or under-the-desk sensor systems, XY Sense captures data passively about the space -never an individual.

 XY Sense makes it simple to capture the insights you need without intruding on your workforce.

Reduce Your Footprint, Operate More Efficiently, and Improve Well-Being in the Workplace.