Spatial Intelligence Platform.


With our headquarters located in New York City, ROI is intimately acquainted with the impact vacant and underutilized space has on the bottom line. We partnered with VergeSense long before occupancy sensors became mainstream.

The VergeSense Spatial Intelligence Platform provides the insights you need to know more than just how many people are using your spaces and when, but rather a true understanding of how your spaces are actually being used. The platform was designed to provide powerful insights and also be flexible enough to support your unique needs with ease. We support both your existing spaces and new builds, integrate with your existing systems, provide ready-to-use dashboards, and deliver data into your internal data infrastructures.

VergeSense Data Dashboard

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Portfolio Right-Sizing

Manage the overall supply of office SQFT to ensure little underutilized wasted space and prepare for growth.

Space Planning

Conduct demand planning and respond to space requests and headcount growth with data driven plans.

Workplace Design

Design, validate, and experiment around the types of spaces and the overall space mix.

Measurable Results

"It’s common for our clients to go from data that’s 75% accurate to 98% accurate, automate routine tasks, increase to cut the time spent on routine tasks from weeks or months to a day or hours; and to save $150K to $2M annually.”
Russell Olson, President, ROI Consulting Group

It’s All About Building Connections

Spatial intelligence platforms help workplace teams continuously optimize spaces for experience and cost. Data is anonymous, contextualized, and accurate. It includes holistic insights about people, objects, characteristics, and interactions within spaces.

It’s essential that you deliver delightful and productive experiences for employees. Learn how to ideate, experiment, and validate space designs to ensure the office is cost-optimized and sustainable.

We Streamline Your Processes, Increase the Accuracy of Your Data, and Save You Money.