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ROI has been providing and supporting digital signage technology for more than 15 years.

Founded in 2000, IAdea is an award-winning leader in enterprise-grade digital signage systems with products ranging from room management panels, desk booking devices, signage players, to device management software. IAdea currently powers 800,000 displays globally with the majority of deployments in corporate workplaces, public transit, and retail applications.

IAdea powers more than half a million displays worldwide!

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Digital Signage Systems

IAdea is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge enterprise-grade Room Booking Panels, Kiosks, and Signage Displays. These devices operate reliably 24×7 under one managed global infrastructure.


This all-in-one smart panel is elegantly designed for the professional workplace.


22” Interactive Smart Kiosk Part of the IAdea Smart Workplace series


Desk Booking Device with Occupancy Sensor and NFC/HID Reader.

Room Panels

IAdea’s wall and tabletop panels and displays strategically placed throughout the workplace will disseminate current impactful information, promote corporate branding and supplement overall employee services, and commitment to employee satisfaction.

Signage Players

Create a meaningful connection to your brand for your customers through stunning 4k graphics, interactive video walls, split screen capabilities and distance-enabled interactive solutions strategically displayed and deployed throughout your business.

Software & Services

We take care of your devices for you so you can focus on other more important aspects of your digital signage application and deployment. All IAdea devices are compatible with IAdea remote device management solution and remote content management solution.


Digital signage technology is transforming today’s workplace by turning it into a pleasant and productive environment for both visitors and employees. From the moment a person first enters the space, the experience in finding her way through the corridors, to the actual completion of work or long distance meetings, digital display technologies help today’s workers make the best out of the space by eliminating inefficiencies and raising productivity.

IAdea provides a full range of products in the workplace, including digital signage media players, infinite video walls at the reception, wayfinding kiosks in hallways, and room signs outside of busy meeting spaces. We enable you to build the most effective workspace for tomorrow’s teams.

Reduce Your Footprint, Operate More Efficiently, and Improve Well-Being in the Workplace.