Asset Management

We help you gain tighter control over your assets for measurable savings.
Does your company sometimes lose track of assets when a person tied to the asset moves to a new space?

Do things get ugly when you sit down to try to reconcile inventories for accuracy?

Does preventative maintenance too often fall behind because there’s not a reliable way to track schedules and status?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions...

…we’ll implement a facility management software solution for you that keeps current data on where things are and accurately accounts for them.

We take care of the initial step of gathering up all the information and populating the data into your system. Then we overlay the locations of the assets and other attributes, like which business unit it’s charged to and what preventative maintenance plan it’s associated with. We’ll also show you how to generate maintenance schedules, track and report on assets, integrate with move planning, and use other key functions.


Work Order Management

End users at this large communications company needed to physically go to the facilities department to submit work orders – the process took several days from initiation to actual completion. Operations related reporting took 3 people an entire week.

ROI implemented an intranet portal for facilities service requests and reduced reporting time to less than 5 minutes.


Shadow Occupancy

While integrating a newly re-acquired division back into their business, a large beverage company was looking to eliminate redundancies across locations by moving staff into existing space. Though it seemed there was no space, after performing space occupancy analytics, ROI found otherwise.

ROI recaptured 421 workspaces for an annual savings of $1.17 million.

The power of dynamic assets

ROI’s team will connect your assets within your system so that if a person moves, their dynamic assets move with them. Your system’s underlying data will update across the board to reflect the changes automatically for cost allocations, inventory tracking, scheduled maintenance and more.