As companies continue to drive towards greater workplace efficiency and utilization—and better collaboration between staff—they increasingly want a system that will give them tighter control over the sharing and usage of meeting rooms and flexible workspaces.
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Optimize Meeting Room and Workplace Experiences

MRI – Space Scheduling

MRI offers a feature-rich, room and desk booking solution that has been used by leading blue chip organizations, law firms, and financial institutions all over the world for over 20 years. MRI’sSpace Scheduling optimizes meeting room and workplace experiences with a fully featured cloud-based software solution that encompasses the reservation, utilization, and management of all conference rooms, workspaces and associated client services. Space Scheduling is an evolution from the technology of Datacraft Hospitality Suite, which has been the pre-eminent room booking system in the market since 1994.

Room & Desk Booking

Management of workspaces offering both self-service and centrally managed workflows with highly configurable operational rules


Powerful reporting applet and out-of-the box reporting including utilization statistics, trends, services used, and more

Office 365 & Outlook

Consolidate your room booking through seamless two-way integration with Office 365 and Outlook calendars

Mobile Booking

Simple and intuitive, space scheduling mobile apps provide room and desk floor plan reservations on the go

Video Conferencing

True one-stop global video conference booking process for scheduling multipoint events across multiple locations and time zones

LiveSign Pro Panels

View live room availability, book and checkin, and free up no show meetings, all from outside the room (Includes RFID card swipe functionality)

Service Management

Manage and track service providers, and associated resources/services for meetings, including catering/refreshments/AV. Communicate changes to providers automatically

Visitor Management

Complete visitor management including badge printing, alongside an app to support a mobile receptionist with arriving and departing expected guests

Workspace Utilization

Review booking trends by individuals or business units, and leverage the integration with MRI Utilization to capture actual utilization to optimize your real estate portfolio

Enhance employee experience with sleek mobile scheduling

An intuitive mobile app provides employees fingertip access to their existing room and desk bookings on the floor plan, with search functions to quickly find an available space that meets their requirements – from last minute meeting bookings, through to booking a desk as a touchdown space.

Front-of-House teams can easily arrive and depart guests as they enter and leave the building on the Visitor Management app. Mobile teams can use Space Scheduling to update the status of a meeting room to ‘In Progress’ or ‘No Show’ when patrolling the meeting room floor.

Realize Energy Savings, Obliterate Carbon, and Inspire More Success.

Our team has a high level of expertise with this product group and can support virtually any organization with gap analysis, system optimization, module implementation, data audits, report and analytics configuration, and user training.