Space & Occupancy

Is your team facing challenges like these?
Lowering the total cost of occupancy is the biggest reason that companies today become interested in new software to manage work spaces. It’s also the area that consistently produces the largest costs savings for our clients.

You need an easier way to identify over-utilized and under-utilized spaces

You wish you had a mechanism to track and reconcile space assignments across multiple facilities that currently have inconsistent record keeping practices.

You continuously manage large, complex move projects and it’s critical to be able to quickly identify space visually on drawings as well as through analysis of HR data.

You want to reduce travel time throughout your facility by enabling your staff to view space effectively from their desktops.

You could save significant time on reporting and planning if your space information was integrated in one database with your leasing and maintenance information.

Today’s powerful software can give you a lot more visibility into your space and its data, opening up new avenues for cost savings while helping you support the people who work in the facilities.

Finally you can work with current data!

If your space data has some gaps, don’t worry! You’re not alone. As part of your implementation, we help you bring all your information up to date and integrate different sources of data. Then it becomes easy for you to keep data current with your new system going forward.


We help you reduce your total cost of occupancy