What We Do

Real estate and facilities management technology consulting that gives you more visibility and control.

Who We Are

ROI Consulting Group, a technology-driven facilities management consulting firm founded in 2004, is committed to providing personalized services that meet the unique business objectives of our clients.

With the unique ability to analyze and fully comprehend any client’s requirements, ROI is capable of aligning technology with your people, real estate, facilities, workplaces, and information systems.

ROI Consulting Group helps you make the necessary decisions to achieve clear, quantifiable returns on investment.

We Connect Your Data

When your project planning data integrates with your financial management information, you can identify potential cost savings more readily and answer “what if” questions from upper management quickly.  Doesn’t it make sense to integrate your facility management systems and data with ERP, HR, GIS, BIM, and CAD given the strategic interdependence?

We Connect Your Teams

Shared systems worldwide—even simple things like using the same terminology across departments, subsidiaries, and locations—make it possible for you to instantly access accurate schedules, data, budgets, project status, and reports.

Measurable Results

It’s common for our clients to improve data accuracy to over 95%, streamline operations, reduce energy consumption, and save $150K to $2M annually.
Russell Olson, President, ROI Consulting Group

Shadow Occupancy

While absorbing a new division, a major beverage company was looking to eliminate redundancies and consolidate locations. However, occupancy reports indicated all space was near capacity.  ROI performed an occupancy audit resulting in:

  • 421 workspaces recaptured
  • Annual savings $1.7 million


Work Order Management

A large communications company needed to physically go to the facilities department to submit work orders. This inefficiency created a lengthy process that often took days, led to poor customer service and required 3 people a week to create operations reporting.

  • Implementation of a facilities service request portal
  • Annual savings $106,000

We Connect With You

We take the time to understand how you manage your facility and your space, so that we can recommend the best technology solutions for your business and your ROI.