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Commercial real estate is a major contributor to an organizations carbon footprint. Poorly managed spaces can result in wastage of resources, unnecessarily increasing this impact. Maintaining spaces to a high grade also contributes to usage of energy, cleaning chemicals, plastics, and food waste. By using occupancy as a driver to manage space, businesses can reduce energy and resources needed to maintain these spaces and improve performance and drive towards net zero environmental impact.

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Discover the technology helping organizations accelerate the transition to a lower-carbon existence across their real estate.

Sensor Types

The sensors anonymously gather insights and monitor your estate portfolio

Thermal Imaging Sensor

Observe variation in heating patterns, identify hot spots, and detect malfunction of HVAC systems.

Occupancy Sensor

Measure actual usage continuously over an extended period to drive decisions.

Motion Sensor

Anonymously capture presence in real-time at individual spaces.

Environmental Sensor

Measure environmental conditions with pin point accuracy and in real-time.

Smart Building Platform

Office sensors enable you to prepare for the unexpected, identify new trends in behaviors, and adapt to changes in real-time. Freespace sensors provide multiple data opportunities that are interpreted and visualized within the Analytics Portal.

Space & Workplace Management

With visibility into the distribution and occupation density of space, your organization will be empowered to reduce costs by ensuring the proper utilization of all space, and actually matching space utilization with departmental demands.

Energy and Sustainability Management

Exceed your energy and sustainability goals, meet reporting requirements, and optimize building sustainability. Collect, analyze, visualize and act on building data, allowing facility managers to make the right decisions at the right time to optimize building sustainability.

It’s All About Building Connections

Your IWMS is one of many tools you rely on to power your business. You need a solution that integrates not only to all aspects of real estate and facilities, but one that easily connects to your finance and HR systems, as well as with the technologies that run and monitor your HVAC, lighting, plumbing, security, conveyance and other operational components of your buildings. With Planon and our advanced integration tools, you can connect, share data, act, and report on all of the interactions needed to fuel success.

Reduce Your Footprint, Operate More Efficiently, and Improve Well-Being in the Workplace.