Strategic Planning

We help turn portfolio data into actionable knowledge and cost-saving decisions.
Do you need to measure, manage and report on CRE portfolio performance? How about improve strategic decision-making while earning credibility
with your C-level executives ?

ROI Consulting Group will help you gather occupancy planning, lease administration, accounting, HR, and facility assessments data and then combine that information with headcount demand and workplace and portfolio assumptions to create a dynamic model for your portfolio.

We’ll generate high-level maps and data to help you see the big picture, run “what if” scenarios based on accurate space data from across your company, and set up new initiatives in ways that will encourage buy-in and active participation from your management team.

Turn data info actionable knowledge.

ROI Consulting Group will help you turn current data and forecast data into actionable knowledge and develop business cases for investment in real estate programs. Strategic portfolio planning requires quality data; ROI will help you gather, organize and analyze that data to support critical strategic decisions.

Gain complete visibility across your entire real estate portfolio.