Work has changed, and so should your technology.

Tango’s next generation IWMS platform employs disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to fulfill the often-elusive promise made by mainstream IWMS or point solutions providers.


Tango Space

Your organization’s physical environment has a significant impact on employee experience. It is also one of the largest expense items in your operating budget. Studies show that on average, organizations underutilize their spaces by as much as 40%. Tango helps you balance employee requirements while protecting your bottom line by ensuring optimal space utilization.

  • Align facility plans with business operations through graphically rich space planning scenarios.
  • Optimize space utilization to reflect staff interactions and needs.• Visualize space usage and interdepartmental relationships through rich analytics.
  • Monitor key metrics including occupancy data and facilities inventories to easily identify underutilized space for cost savings and improved occupancy rates.
  • Plan entire moves in one centralized system to maximize the efficiency of available space.
  • Utilize key staff and equipment data to create workflows and reduce the headcount and time required to execute a move.
  • Track, measure and assign flexible workspaces to match dynamic staff requirements.
  • Enable personnel to find and select the most productive workspace to meet their needs. Lower costs and increase employee productivity.
  • Leverage analytics both to better understand how and where work is truly conducted, and uncover opportunities to improve space utilization.


Tango Maintenance

Mobile-first, simple and intuitive – Tango packages an all-in-one maintenance solution that manages work across all locations, regions, countries or even continents. Give your customers and employees the experiences they deserve with faster and more cost-effective resolution of maintenance issues.

  • Easily log service requests at the location level utilizing a simple, mobile-friendly interface.
  • Control and reduce maintenance costs through intelligent routing and not-to-exceed (NTE) enforcement.
  • Accelerate the dispatch to work order to close-out and invoice lifecycle by automating processes and managing by exception.
  • Ensure assets are optimally maintained to prevent breakdowns, reduce maintenance cost and prolong asset lifecycles and ROI.
  • Protect investment and increase return by tracking assets, warranty information, asset history and facilitating repair versus replace decisions.
  • Understand which vendors are performing and which are not through the proactive monitoring of quantitative metrics and qualitative ratings


Tango Lease

Address the day-to-day operational requirements of lease administration and accounting and ensure compliance to FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16 with Tango Lease.

  • Built from the ground up to comply with the new IFRS and FASB lease accounting standards and manages all lease types, including real estate,
    equipment and embedded leases
  • Avoid data overload and ensure lease compliance through proactive tracking of financial obligations, key dates & clauses and all other critical lease information in an easy-to-use process- focused system.
  • Enhance negotiating power through rich analytics delving into market realities and landlord behavior patterns.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by tracking metrics including utilization/vacancy rates, lease expirations, payment accuracy and cost of dark space.


Tango Projects

Transform real estate plans into action, effectively linking location strategy to project execution. Tango’s platform covers the entire project management process with a globally proven and scalable technology that delivers cost savings, efficiency, consistency and risk reduction across all project types, including remodels, new construction, rollouts and multinational development programs.

  • Manage capital expenditure across new and existing locations with a unified and simplified solution that tracks capital programs, individual budgets and timelines.
  • Align similar projects into a single program view with all development activities across budgets and timelines.
  • Connect and coordinate all project activities while managing execution across teams and geographies to deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Increase bid speed and efficiency by using Tango’s collaborative workspace to ensure partners can securely and easily access a straightforward and simple process.


Tango Transactions

Align your physical footprint with your evolving business needs using sophisticated real estate portfolio planning and deal-level execution. Tango links strategy to execution, ensuring optimal space utilization across your portfolio while accelerating site analysis and empowering deal makers.

  • Proactively plan and manage your portfolio by orchestrating both short- and long-term strategies to ensure the right mix and size to fulfill your strategic goals.
  • Streamline the transaction process, and improve communication and collaboration while empowering your negotiators to close the right deals, faster.
  • Employ analytics inside the building to understand how work is conducted, and outside the building to determine optimal real estate locations for different product types based on labor pools, points of interest, education, traffic and other data to identify and attract the right employees.
  • Visualize locations, employees and other rich data in geospatial maps and analytics to adapt to changing market realities.
  • Leverage market knowledge, monitor key performance indicators and track actionable space and occupancy metrics in real time