Work has changed so should your technology.
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IWMS and SLM solutions


Our proven methodology based on over 15 years of successful IWMS and reservations implementations will ensure you maximize the ROI of your Tango investment while providing a roadmap for continued success.

Tango built a next generation IWMS from the ground up to address the specific requirements of the hybrid workplace. Focused on leading edge technology, adaptability, innovation, and simplicity, Tango helps navigate today and tomorrow’s workplace challenges.

Innovation is in Our DNA. How Can We Help Your ROI?

Tango Space

The workplace is changing. The optimal use of the space you have is paramount, as it is typically one of the largest items on the expense budget.

Tango Reserve by Agilquest

A workplace management solution that manages your hybrid workplace and keeps your employees confident and productive while your workplace is efficient and optimized.

Tango Maintenance

Your locations are your lifeblood, so start acting like they are. Cut maintenance costs by up to 15% and extend asset lifecycles while keeping employees and customers safe.

Tango Lease

A single platform that brings together lease financials, accounting, and administration to proactively manage all lease activities including options, expirations, renewals, key clauses, co-tenancy, recurring costs, rent rolls, expense reconciliation, and accounting compliance.

Tango Projects

Tango Projects’ single, integrated solution allows you to align program budgets, timelines, and development activities across your organization’s complete portfolio of projects, enabling you to quickly identify exceptions and take corrective action.

Tango Transactions

Balance the art with the science of the deal using the industry’s only comprehensive transaction management solution.

Innovation Is In Our DNA

Steer clear of systems that are stagnant and release new features at a snail’s pace that lack the innovation needed to solve today’s problems. Pioneering new capabilities leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Tango solves old and new problems faster and better, and focuses all our development into a single real estate and facilities lifecycle platform.

Reduce Your Footprint, Operate More Efficiently, and Improve Well-Being in the Workplace.