Integrate cloud based room management to insure cost-effective  workplace optimization

What if your organization needed better collaboration between staff and they increasingly needed a system that will give them tighter control over the sharing and usage of meeting rooms and flexible workspaces?

When an organization's space utilization and reservation needs are constantly changing, ideas for space management become clear

ROI Consulting Group will show you how the right technology will help you create a central source for space scheduling.​

Space Scheduling optimizes meeting room and workplace experiences with a fully featured cloud-based software solution that encompasses the reservation, utilization and management of all conference rooms, workspaces and associated client services. 

Centralized and efficient Space Scheduling for Measurable Cost Savings

  • Office 365 & Outlook Integration
  • Mobile Room & Desk Booking
  • Service Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • Visitor Management
  • Space Utilization & Reporting & Analysis