A comprehensive workplace management solution to help real estate occupiers create and deploy return-to-office plans, connect employees to their workspaces and identify space optimization and cost reduction opportunities.


Workplace Central Modules





Space Planning

Visual, interactive and configurable way to format, update and report on your space information


Integration with Trimble Basis to capture actual utilization and enable data-driven decisions to optimize your real estate portfolio

Room & Desk Reservations

Streamline the reservation and management of your meeting rooms, workspaces and associated services

Moves Management

Seamlessly plan, manage and execute both your single-person and large-scale, project based move

Visitor Management

Manage all your workplace assets such as furniture, HVAC, emergency and IT equipment

Dashboards & Reporting

Easy-to-use dashboards and business intelligence  reporting capabilities



Achieve your goals with flexible space management and optimization software

MRI Workplace Central provides corporate real estate and facility leaders with the software tools and information they need to manage a safe and flexible return to work. In the workplace of the future, space management will be a key consideration for strategic decision-making, identifying opportunities for cost reduction, and validating employee needs. MRI Workplace Central brings together space planning with room and desk bookings and space utilization, giving you powerful tools to optimize your facilities and workplaces to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Plan the utilization of workspace supply

Plan your new occupancy floor plans and return-to-office scenarios to ensure a safe and successful reopening.

  • Model multiple seating scenarios and auto-apply physical distancing rules to identify optimal restricted capacity
  • Plan and execute moves of people, groups or departments
  • Automatically update Workplace Central room and desk bookings module with new arrangements and deploy across the workforce

Controlled workplace engagement

Manage workspace bookings throughout your entire portfolio, streamline visitor management and empower employees with ways to easily find workspaces that meet their needs.

  • Restrict or permit access to office zones, neighborhoods and individual workspaces with default and configurable rules
  • Enable easy desk and room check-in/out (QR codes, web or mobile, desk/room screens or detection sensors)
  • Enforce Covid-19 self-certification and record who has been sitting where, who has visited and when for contact tracing
  • Leverage MRI’s WhosOnLocation to monitor the safe and secure movement of visitors through buildings and worksites

Measure, analyze and act on space metrics

Get reliable insights into how well your reconfigured workplace is performing and identify areas for improvement.

  • Capture, track and report real-time use and trends data sourced from badge-swipes, booking check-ins, WiFi or IoT sensors
  • Understand how allocated desks, neighborhoods and meeting rooms in your workplace are now being utilized
  • Highlight any significant shifts in the demand for workspace, including any changes in the types of spaces that are required

Achieve your vision for the future with MRI Workplace Central

MRI Workplace Central goes far beyond desk bookings and room reservations. It offers strategic insight into your data so you can expertly manage the right space at the right time – empowering employees to collaborate, be more productive, and drive business results.

By accurately measuring and understanding the way spaces are being used against key performance metrics, you can see whether the decisions made are reflected in the way people are actually booking and using the space.

Optimize your space over time to meet the changing needs of your workplace. Adjust neighborhood boundaries, change desk ratios, or remove an unused conference room and turn the area into spaces for quiet concentration.

MRI Workplace Central – Maximize your workplace today. Optimize for the future.