When managed and reviewed accurately, an organization’s occupied, commercial or owned real estate can greatly affect its bottom line or returns. Consistently named a leader by independent analysts, Trimble ManhattanOne is a proven, modular IWMS solution (Integrated Workplace Management System) designed to help you plan, manage and optimize your real estate and workplace portfolio.

ManhattanOne provides leading cloud-based solutions for your real estate management challenges. Proven module sets work together in one, integrated platform, or as packaged solutions. Start with the parts you need today and add to your suite as your business requirements evolve.


ManhattanOne MODULES

Manhattan Platform
Financial Management
Transaction Management
Lease Management
Compliance Management
Project Management
Space Management
Room & Desk Booking
Space Utilization
Facility Management
Mobile Apps
Energy & Sustainability

The Value of Manhattan Integration

Global enterprises continue to face the challenge of coordinating information and having insight across all the disciplines in real estate, facilities management, and construction. Manhattan controls disparate information across the real estate lifecycle and delivers high integrity insights that help identify cost savings and efficiency within each phase. Although Manhattan modules may be taken in isolation emulating a point solution, you can be safe in the knowledge that adding functionality to business areas will not result in spiraling IT costs.

Tighter Control over Project Planning and Capital Expenditure

Project management plays a key role in the real estate management lifecycle. Organizations require comprehensive project management capabilities that can streamline processes, help boost operational efficiency, and give them much tighter control over capital project planning and expenditure (CAPEX).

Manhattan projects provides centralized project information—and is fully integrated with Manhattan’s Workflow, Financial Management, Space Management, and Facility Management capabilities. With Manhattan you can capture, process, analyze and report all of the key metrics that will help you decide which projects should be given funding priority.

Increase productivity by enabling colleagues to quickly view and navigate accurate floor plans throughout your building. Highlight types of spaces, availability and view office services on the floor plan.

Lift the Burden of Compulsory FASB/GASB/ASB Compliance

New lease accounting standards set by FASB, GASB and IASB (ASC 842, GASB 87, IFRS 16 and AASB 16) are forcing many organizations to make substantial operational and system changes.

Trimble has developed a unique compliance solution to help real estate and financial professionals automate the burden of meeting the new standards. SOC 1 Type 2 certified, Manhattan has three key layers – accounting, lease management and compliance – built into one, integrated cloud-based system. Designed by experts, our solution provides a unique approach to compliance and allows quantifying, recording, reclassifying and reporting on leases, automatically.

Drive Space and Real Estate Efficiency

The shift in working styles, and an increasingly mobile workforce, has created a whole new set of challenges for those who are responsible for managing and maintaining the workplace.

By combining Manhattan Space Planning, Utilization, and Scheduling modules with Manhattan Maintenance, Projects, and Lease modules, workplace and real estate management teams can now achieve increased holistic visibility and control to facilitate the transition in workplace style.

Manhattan makes it easier for organizations to harmonize their real estate practices. Teams can measure the effectiveness of designs, quickly budget project costs, model move scenarios,integrate with IoT devices and execute via work order management … all in a single system.

Combine CenterStone space management with Trimble’s Space Scheduling room and desk booking solution & Basis utilization platform to access up-to-date utilization information. Key space metrics flow back and forth automatically so that space planners and managers have up-to-date information about occupancy and utilization.

Facility Manager

Service Provider

Service providers use Manhattan to help deliver unrivalled levels of service, lower costs and increase income

Space Planner


Investors use Manhattan to maximize portfolio performance, improve decision-making and increase returns

End User


Occupiers use Manhattan to maximize resource utilization while reducing the total cost of occupancy


Support for multiple types of workspaces

Ability to manage traditional, modern office and hybrid workspace as well as manage the transition to new workspace styles

Support for multiple types of workspaces

Full end-to-end flexible workflows that manage your facilities processes from beginning to completion

Support for multiple types of workspaces

Powerful ‘out-of-the-box’ capabilities with fast and easy user configuration, greatly reduces implementation time and increases return on investment

Support for multiple types of workspaces

Business process automation accomplished via a proven workflow engine to define process improvements

Support for multiple types of workspaces

Access and analyze workplace data from disparate sources in one location, allowing outsourced partners to work seamlessly on your facilities projects

Support for multiple types of workspaces

Dashboards provide easy-to-understand, role-based visuals of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Support for multiple types of workspaces

Access more comprehensive utilization data by combining CenterStone with Trimble’s Space Scheduling & Basis

Support for multiple types of workspaces

View interactive floor plans, update space occupancy, book workspace and manage work orders on the go

Support for multiple types of workspaces

Meet the self-service demands of the modern flexible workplace. Easily navigate floors, locate office amenities, or search and find colleagues