Integrated Workplace Management System

The Manhattan IWMS is the most important strategic enterprise solution for planning and managing any organization’s real estate portfolio of buildings and assets. IWMS implementations provide a major benefit to not only reduce costs, but for organizational effectiveness to enable all resources—properties, assets, and even people—to be as productive as possible. The deep functionality of the Manhattan IWMS is designed for the entire facility lifecycle to maximize resource utilization while reducing the total cost of occupancy (TCO).

As Gartner has determined, “…we believe the real payback and ultimate value in IWMS is derived from the “I”:  Integration.  The effective integration of these disciplines ideally operates from a single database with common user interface (UI), workflow tools, executive dashboards, analytics, integration to CAD, BIM and GIS  and robust predefined and customized reporting capabilities.” (Gartner Research No. G00234548, May 2013)


Increase real estate effectiveness for improved productivity and collaboration for the organization

Reduce total cost of occupancy (TCO) by understanding utilization vs. capacity of all real estate

Increase agility of RE/FM group to be able to respond to changing business/work requirements of the organization

Increase the life-cycle of all building systems and assets

More accurate and detailed ‘system of record’ for all real estate and facility management data


Better integration with HR, Finance, IT, Environmental, Health and Safety data

Less risky decision making due to ability to perform high level analytics which includes historical trending, existing state, and anticipation of future state

Ability to deploy and utilize mobile applications in the field

Ability to do all real estate and facility management processes in the cloud

Ability to integrate with any graphical visualization technology required (i.e. CAD, BIM, GIS, BI etc.)