Hardware Solutions

Increase efficiency by integrating IoT sensors and other devices to your facilities.

Disruptive Technologies

Change the way that your building collects data, increase your operating efficiency and save money.


Enterprise solutions for modern workplaces.


Powering Experience & Productivity.



Workplace insights you can trust.You no longer need to settle for “good enough” people counting, occupancy, and usage data.


XY Sense

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, XY Sense delivers the most advanced, privacy-preserving occupancy sensors and analytics platform for workplace teams.

Measurable Results

It’s common for our clients to improve data accuracy to over 95%, streamline operations, reduce energy consumption, and save $150K to $2M annually.
- Russell Olson, President, ROI Consulting Group

Shadow Occupancy

While absorbing a new division, a major beverage company was looking to eliminate redundancies and consolidate locations. However, occupancy reports indicated all space was near capacity.  ROI performed an occupancy audit resulting in:

  • 421 workspaces recaptured
  • Annual savings $1.7 million


Work Order Management

A large communications company needed to physically go to the facilities department to submit work orders. This inefficiency created a lengthy process that often took days, led to poor customer service and required 3 people a week to create operations reporting.

  • Implementation of a facilities service request portal
  • Annual savings $106,000

We Streamline Your Processes, Increase the Accuracy of Your Data, and Save You Money.