CenterStone is a feature-rich CAFM solution specifically designed to help organizations streamline the tactical work of managing the complete lifecycle of workplace building processes, including space, moves, assets, work orders and operations. CenterStone is perfect for organizations of all sizes and can be tailored for companies looking to manage a single building, to those with millions of square feet that require an enterprise-wide facility management solution.








Space Planning

Visual, interactive and configurable way to format, update and report on your space information


Integration with Trimble Basis to capture actual utilization and enable data-driven decisions to optimize your real estate portfolio

Moves Management

Seamlessly plan, manage and execute both your single-person and large-scale, project based moves

Room & Desk Reservations

Streamline the reservation and management of your meeting rooms, workspaces and associated services

Maintenance Management

Manage your service requests, work orders and preventive/reactive maintenance

Asset Management

Manage all your workplace assets such as furniture, HVAC, emergency and IT equipment

Lease Tracking

Accurately track and manage all aspects of your leased property portfolio

Dashboards & Reporting

Easy-to-use dashboards and business intelligence  reporting capabilities



Tighter Control over Project Planning and Capital Expenditure

Capture and analyze the data you need to make the right decision

CenterStone’s out-of-the box reporting tools let you capture and analyze the data you need to make the right decisions and create a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

CenterStone reporting provides real time decision support by making critical workplace information available for review in the style and format that you need in order to make better business decisions. Integration with Manhattan Analytics can give you a comprehensive view of your utilization, capacity, square footage, lease expirations and total cost of operations across your real estate and facilities portfolio.

Meet the self-service demands of the modern flexible workplace

Find a conference room or colleague in no time.

Search and find co-workers, workspaces and services across you real estate portfolio or on your current floor.

Navigate around your buildings and floors.

Increase productivity by enabling colleagues to quickly view and navigate accurate floor plans throughout your building. Highlight types of spaces, availability and view office services on the floor plan.

Real-time access to accurate digital floor plans.

Trimble Engage connects seamlessly with Trimble Manhattan and CenterStone workplace management software solutions, ensuring employees have real-time access to accurate digital floor plans and existing data.


Meet the self-service demands of the modern flexible workplace



Take your Space Management to the next level

Due to the intricacies of managing and fully utilizing an ever-increasing amount of flexible workspace, organizations are increasingly turning to integrated space management technology. Combine CenterStone space management with Trimble’s Space Scheduling room and desk booking solution & Basis utilization platform to access up-to-date utilization information. Key space metrics flow back and forth automatically so that space planners and managers have up-to-date information about occupancy and utilization.

Facility Manager
Facility Manager

Facility Managers can schedule, perform and review all reactive, predictive and preventative maintenance for their facilities. Facility Managers can also manage the lifecycle of their assets from acquisition to maintenance history to disposition.

Space Planner
Space Planner

Space Planners can optimize space to meet the needs of the organization, effectively perform moves and allocate space back to the organization. Space Planners can also use historic data to build future scenarios that include a mix of traditional and flexible workplace styles.

End User
End User

Employees can interact with live maps of the workplace, finding rooms and fellow employees. Employees can also submit a range of workplace requests such as reporting a maintenance indecent or requesting a move.


Support for multiple types of workspaces Support for multiple types of workspaces Support for multiple types of workspaces
Ability to manage traditional office and hybrid workspace as well as manage the transition to new workspace styles Full end-to-end flexible workflows that manage your facilities processes from beginning to completion Powerful ‘out-of-the-box’ capabilities with fast and easy user configuration, greatly reduces implementation time 
Support for multiple types of workspaces Support for multiple types of workspaces
Business process automation accomplished via a proven workflow engine to define process improvements Access and analyze workplace data from disparate sources in one location Dashboards provide easy-to-understand, role-based visuals of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
View interactive floor plans, update space occupancy, book workspace and manage work orders on the go Meet the self-service demands of the modern flexible workplace. Easily locate floors, office amenities, or find colleagues Access more comprehensive utilization data by combining CenterStone with Trimble’s Space Scheduling & Basis